Red Crystal Bracelet

Red Crystal Bracelet
How can I tell the difference between a swarovski crystal and plastic?

Hey, I just bought a bracelet off ebay and it allegedly has a clear heart swarovski charm and another smaller red swarovski bead. However, I do not know how to make sure that they truly are swarovski crystal and not plastic. So, does anyone know any methods of checking it (without damaging the bracelet or seeking professional advice?)

The Heart is described to be about 3/4 of an inch.

I was told this as one way to check but I am not 100% sure how accurate it is – but having seen the method used – you will see a noticable difference.

Get a torch and shine it through the crystal – if it is true crystal you will get a crisp clear ‘rainbow’ effect of colours on a wall/ceiling. If it is plastic, the colours will be noticably less clear and will appear ‘smudged’

Give it a go – if you have other crystal – try it on those first to get an impression of what it should look like.

Red Crystal Bracelet
Red Crystal Bracelet
Red Crystal Bracelet

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