Red Crystal

Red Crystal
How do I take care of red crystal shrimp/bumblebee shrimp?

How do I take care of red crystal shrimp/bumblebee shrimps (Cardinia sp.)? This includes feeding, tank size, water parameters, compatibility, and anything else that I need to know to take care of these little fish. (I have not bought them yet). 10 pts to best answer. Thanks in advance!
lol Sorry I meant to say “shrimp”

These aren’t fish – they’re shrimp. They’re so tiny that the majority of fish would see them as food.

I have a shrimp tank with a breeding group of 7 of these. They are exceptionally sensitive towards water chemistry – excess nitrates can kill – so are best left for mature tanks, mine had been running 3 years and is fully planted. They need cooler water than most, my tank is in the low 70s. My water is also a little hard for them as I live in a hard water area, seek out locally bred shrimp which will be more tolerating of your particular natural water hardness. Remember they are completely intolerant of copper also!

This is my shrimp tank:

Shrimp Tank 03/09

There’s the 7 CRS, 2 adult Amano Shrimp and a Spixi Apple Snail (Asolene spixi). The java moss and moss ball are important – they provide the shrimp with extra little organisms to munch, especially the tiny tiny TINY babies!

So I would recommend:

Mature tank, minimum 5 US gallons (my tank is 8 US gallons), preferably go for a species shrimp-only tank as fish will easily eat them. Remember the larger the volume the more stable the water is.

Good mature filter, not too much current nor too strong that they might get hoovered. You can use things like poly-filter if you’re worried about harmful properties in the water.

Heater, set in the low 70s.

Food, mine get crumbled algae wafers every other day or so, they’ll also nibble on the moss, scavenge through the tank and will also eat blanched vegetables such a cucumber and zucchini. Like most Cardinia they’ll be effective algae eaters.

Water parameters, I can’t emphasise mature enough! They prefer acidic waters than alkaline.

Compatibility, go shrimp only like mine, certain snails are ok as long as there’s enough food to go round!

Look into the Dennerle shrimp products also.

Red Crystal
Red Crystal
Red Crystal

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