Rhinestone Baby Clothes

Rhinestone Baby Clothes
Baby boutique clothing website?

I had a site bookmarked, I had gotten the link off of here, so I was wondering if somebody could help!! My computer had gotten a virus from my little sister so we ended up losing everything.

Anyways… There’s this website that has all kinds of like fancy baby clothes, fancy big headbands, and car seat, high chair, and cart covers and just different stuff… I know it had like a pumpkin tutu type of outfit and different tutu outfits, cute diaper covers that said stuff in rhinestones… I don’t know, I’m rambling, but could somebody help me out trying to find boutique websites in hopes I’ll find the one I originally had bookmarked?!
I actually ended up finding it… It took me awhile of searching on yahoo’s search engine though…

If anybody’s interested, it’s this website.



Rhinestone Baby Clothes
Rhinestone Baby Clothes
Rhinestone Baby Clothes

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