Rhinestone Baby Tees

Rhinestone Baby Tees

Keep in mind that lingerie is often worn during periods of relaxation, which can be before bedtime, on vacation, and on honeymoons so they do not have to be washed frequently like your other clothing.

So do not forget that often the perfumes and colognes worn by you and your partner can be absorbed by these delicate fabrics. Further, if you or your partner smoke, then the odor of tobacco will be absorbed into the garment. Just because you are not wearing the baby-doll to mow the lawns or change the oil does not mean that they do not get dirty, it is just a different kind of dirty.

The general rule in cleaning your lingerie to make them last longer is do not wash anything in hot water and do not dry your lingerie in the dryer. The type of detergents that you may use, such as Tide, Cheer, Gain, and other major brand names that will often work wonders with the general cleaning of your clothing, but they should not be used on your lingerie. If your tee shirt has ketchup on it, then by all means use your regular detergent on it, otherwise use a gentle or milder detergent such as Wool-lite or Ivory Snow. A cold water wash by hand in Wool-lite will be all that those sexy lingerie items need and they will love you for it. Since you should not use your dryer for lingerie, simply drip dry or dry on a towel for longer life and brighter colors.

Some lingerie items require or may demand a higher degree of cleaning responsibility than lingerie. Breast enhancers, adhesive bras, leather lingerie, and rhinestone lingerie are examples of some of the garments not only cannot be washed, and they require special cleaning in order to prevent damage that could easily ruin the item. Breast enhancers are made from silicone, which are merely plastic bags with silicone gel inside in the rough form of a woman’s breast. They rest against your breast inside your bra and the cleaning that is required is a simple hand soap and warm water with a pat dry with a soft cloth. Remember to make certain that the enhancers are placed back in their forms and are not punctured or used as your cats plaything is also essential.

The main problem with breast enhancers and adhesive bras, such as Nubras, are that their adhesive backings require cleaning after each use and being kept away from dust, lint, and definitely do not use cloth to clean or dry them. These items must be air dried and the adhesive can be used up to one hundred times. Leather lingerie is an item that to some degree defies cleaning, because leather panties should be cleaned after every wearing by using a damp cloth to clean the interior of the garment to remove moisture and soiling. Great care should be used to clean this garment as water and leather are not a good combination.

Rhinestone lingerie, such as rhinestone panties and bras should be cleaned after each wearing using a damp cloth with mild soap and a q-tip, which may be helpful. Dancers may wear these items on a very regular basis and cleaning is a must, so have a bottle of Tarn-X on hand as these lingerie and jewelry items must have special treatment. Lingerie often have accents that are made from pearls, imitation or real rhinestones, and other types of embellishments, which have been sewn or glued onto the garment. Failure to use the right care may cause these items to fall off and in the washer they will be sucked down the drain without any chance of retrieval. Since these garments do not get deeply soiled hand washing is preferable to machine washing and the extra time at the sink is the best policy for keeping them sexy and sensual garments.

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Rhinestone Baby Tees
Rhinestone Baby Tees
Rhinestone Baby Tees

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