Rhinestone Bead Ball

Rhinestone Bead Ball

The Eighties are a fun time period to relive, especially at a party. Your guests will really get into this event, but in order to keep them entertained you’ve got to set up some crafts and games. One easy craft that the guests can all take home with them are Punk Antenna Heads. They’ll fit the theme of your party and make a statement about the punk culture of the eighties.

Punk Antenna Head

For this scary party craft item you’ll need the following; 2 inch Styrofoam ball, 12 mm googly eye buttons, brightly colored pipe cleaner, craft glue, acrylic paints in several colors, spray matte finish sealer, fake rhinestone beads.

First you’ll start your eighties craft item by painting your Styrofoam ball a pink flesh tone with the acrylic paints. Let this dry. Then, paint or draw on a mouth. You can make it smile or grimace. Let that dry.

Meanwhile, pick out a brightly colored pipe cleaner and cut into one inch pieces. Once your ball is dry, use one of the pipe cleaner pieces to poke a series of holes in the top of the ball in the shape of a Mohawk. You may wish to set your pipe cleaners in two rows close to each other for a fuller looking Mohawk. Place a dab of glue in each hole and stick your pipe cleaner pieces into the holes. Let these dry. Your eighties craft is almost done.

Once that’s dry, spray on a layer of the spray matte finish sealer. Let dry in a well ventilated area. This works to protect your antenna head from the weather.

Next, you’ll glue on the two googly eyes and place a couple of fake rhinestone beads, as earrings or just decorative accents. Voila! Your Punk Antenna Head from the eighties is complete! The guests can now rock on at that Eighties Party.

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Rhinestone Bead Ball
Rhinestone Bead Ball
Rhinestone Bead Ball

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