Rhinestone Bead Kits

Rhinestone Bead Kits

Swarovski’s are a luxury brand name type of crystal, known in the world for its precision-cut lead crystal glass. These crystals come in a variety of forms, these include flat back crystals ideal for embellishing garments and gadgets, beads, pendants, and also through the company Swarovski has created a luxury line-up of fancy cut miniature statues of famous designs.

Ideal uses for Swarovski crystals include arts and crafts projects due to the cost to benefits. Meaning the cost of the crystals are relatively inexpensive and the benefits are plenty.

Benefits of using Swarovski crystals as compared to diamonds include:

  • Lower cost for inventory.
  • Outstanding brilliance and fire comparable to diamonds for the untrained eye.
  • An assortment of over 50 different colors all at the same price.
  • Easy to manipulate and secure on garments or gadgets.

Benefits as compared to using rhinestones:

  • Swarovski crystals are much more precisely cut to standards than ordinary glass rhinestones.
  • The slightly more pricey Swarovski crystals produce much more fire and brilliance than glass rhinestones.
  • The quality and durability can not be matched by rhinestones.
  • Each crystal is uniform in size and cut for a professionally finished product.

The popularity of adorning Swarovski crystals on gadgets and garments have grown in size during the last few years. Celebrities have often endorsed Swarovski and can be seen on magazine or tv publications carrying products that are emblazoned with colorful crystals. Celebrity iconic figures such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus can be seen carrying cell phones that are custom designed with Swarovski crystals. Notable hip-hop diva Lil’ Mama has been seen on MTV America’s Best Dance Crew wearing hats and jackets covered in Swarovski crystals providing awesome dazzle and flare.

Customizing your own attire or gadgets with crystals is not only easy, but it is very fun. It provides a great form of arts and crafts especially for the kids. Do-it-yourself kits can be purchased relatively inexpensively and these kits often include everything that is necessary to start crystallizing. These kits should have the Swarovski crystals, fashion glue, gloves, wax, sticks, and cleaning solution. Teaching your kids how to create their own designs often gives them empowerment and they will feel as though they own a one of a kind design for their phone and will also learn that they don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in order to have something that they can be proud of. With everyone wanting to own rare one of a kind products, getting started with Swarovski crystal arts and crafts is a great idea for being able to learn a new hobby and create fashionable pieces of artwork that you can take anywhere with you.

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Rhinestone Bead Kits
Rhinestone Bead Kits
Rhinestone Bead Kits

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