Rhinestone Beads

Rhinestone Beads
Is there any wholesale in Downtown LA that sales Rhinestones or beads?

I am also looking for those rings that you just glue something on to it. (Don’t know what its called.)
Hair Clips that are basically used for DIY.

I often in online shopping ,because they are very cheaper than shop ,I find a selling jewelry site http://www.kanaccasjewelry.com/. they sell a huge variety of jewelry ,as following:
1.Asian pearl Bracelets
2 Handcraft rhinestone brooch
3.cheap tribal earring
4.rhinestone hair jewelry
5. insect jewelry
6.FW pearl necklace
7.rhinestone puncture jewelry
8.cheap 925 rings
9.Asian watch clock
10.cheap sunglasse and so on,,
I am very surprised price , I do not know how the quality of jewelry ,so I first buy one , very good quality !!!! so I want to share this site with all friends.

Rhinestone Beads
Rhinestone Beads
Rhinestone Beads

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