Rhinestone Belt Buckle Purses

Rhinestone Belt Buckle Purses

Silver belt buckles are an excellent fashion accessory that enhance beauty and remain untarnished over a period of time. These buckles come in a variety of styles and designs.

Contemporary and western-style silver belt buckles are available. The shape of these buckles varies from simple, square, or oval to complicated models. Some buckles are designed with urns, cherubs, and flowers. Others are adorned with pictures of cowboys. Some have dragons, horse heads, and dolphins engraved on them. There are buckles with historic patterns, stamp work, and exquisite carvings.

Silver belt buckles can be plain or jeweled. Designers use healing crystal, rhinestone, natural turquoise, or other precious stones such as smoky quartz, pearl, and coral in jeweled buckles. Buckles are even provided with a blank space for initials or monograms.

There are individually handmade and handcrafted silver belt buckles. Handcrafted buckles feature several designs including classic, executive, masterpieces, southwestern, equestrian, and jeweled. These buckles are mostly made using the lost wax method, where a wax model of the buckle is made first and embedded in plaster. It is then allowed to melt. The cavity thus formed is filled with molten metal. Buckles created in this way are then hand-finished and polished for use.

Large silver buckles are found in the nation’s southwestern and western regions, especially in Arizona and Texas. Silver buckles are made of sterling silver, an alloy of silver containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals. It has certain fine qualities as well. These buckles are trendy and functional. Silver buckles are more brilliant compared to brass buckles and last longer than pewter-based buckles.

Silver belt buckles are desirable for rodeo cowboys, girls, and ranchers, and come in handy in re-enactments of the same. These buckles are ideal gifts for occasions such as anniversaries, Christmas, weddings, and graduations.

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Rhinestone Belt Buckle Purses
Rhinestone Belt Buckle Purses
Rhinestone Belt Buckle Purses

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