Rhinestone Belts

Rhinestone Belts

No western attire would be complete without a western belt with an authentic looking belt buckle. It definitely gives a feeling of “the Old West” as seen in the movies. Western design belts go back as far as the beginning of the last century.

Western belts are made in western American influenced designs. They are usually made of the finest leather. Handmade belts are more popular and of course more expensive that the factory created ones. More fancy ones would be studded with rhinestones. Belts made with rhinestones are especially popular among cowgirls. Although the most popular colors for western belts are tan or brown, they are now available in other bolder colors that would be suitable for both men and women. Various designs are also available along with a wide range of western buckles.

Western belt buckles come in unique designs. Many of these designs have been influenced by the old west and few of them have actually completely changed from the original designs. Certain characteristics that need to be available with a cowboy belt or a western belt buckle can only be changed so much. However, whatever the design might be, these belts and buckles certainly tend to make a big impression.

Although leather is still the most popular material being sued to make western belts, manufacturers have ventured into new areas of designs and styles by using snake, crocodile, and alligator skins to make western belts. These have excellent original designs, and tend to look unique. Belts with embossed, printed or stamped designs are also quite popular with cowboys and cowgirls. Western concho belts, and belts that have a basket weave designs are also a popular kind of belts.

Even with the advent of all the mentioned designs and more, leather belts that are embossed in a traditional manner are still the most selling ones due to authentic western look. Belts made of bull hide are also popular models although they are not as fast selling as the leather ones.

Individuals who can afford can get the western belts custom made with basket weaves or imprinted with different designs as preferred. Although these would be fancier and more expensive than the traditional western belts, they are more pronounced all the same. Custom made western belts can be made out of reptile skins viz., alligator, lizard, crocodile, python, karung snake and even from animal hides such as elephant, ostrich, kangaroo skins.

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Rhinestone Belts
Rhinestone Belts
Rhinestone Belts

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