Rhinestone Fashion Belts

Rhinestone Fashion Belts
I want to learn to make fashion accessories. What would I need, and how would I do it?

I was wondering how difficult it would be to make fashion accessories such as belts, bracelets, etc. (perhaps even how one would do rhinestones and similar detailing) and what I would need to go about doing that. Any information would be helpful. Suggested Books and online references would be a plus.

For beading necklaces & bracelets, tools you will need to start are a pair of chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush wire cutters, crimping pliers (to be used with crimping beads on wire). These are basics and will need more as you progress with jewelry making.
Other items to get started-
Stringing material- many types to use but some are better depending on the type of beads you will be using. The most versatile thing to use for general stringing is nylon coated wire that comes in different strand sizes and gauges. Brand names are- Softflex, Beadalon and Accuflex – there are many more out there but these are good ones. Strand sizes basically 7 strand, 19 strand, and 49 strand. THe more strands the more flexible. The strand number means there are that many strands of wire inside the nylon coating… you will learn as you go though. Gauge size depends on what you will be stringing on. General good size to have is .015 or .018. All this info is indicated on the spool of wire. This is what you use crimp beads on.
Other stringing materials- Monofilament, Stretch Magic (stretchy clear cord) Nymo thread- Wire is more likely going to be used most as you progress.
Ok so I could go on all night, I am going to add a link that I found most useful for all kinds of info on beading and techniques. I would start with a kit from your local craft store that has a mix of beading materials in it and buy your pliers ( those usually come in sets too). I started out with one made by readers digest and it had different stringing materials, beads and other findings in it with a book for detailed instructions. Start with projects that have some instructions so you get the feel of it and learn your techniques. The link I am adding really has instruction for everything you will need to start out and lots of reference materials.
For using rhinestones to decorate with, Swarovski makes wonderful hotfix crystals but you will need a tool called a bejeweler to apply them, otherwise you can buy regular flat back rhinestones and use glue specifically for this, I use GemTac. It works great!
Ok here is your link, make sure you browse through all the reference material and they have lots of instructions to, cause I could go on forever and don’t want to make it sound overwhelming because it’s great fun!



Have fun and good luck… it is truly wonderful hobby! Feel free to email me anytime for help with jewelrymaking!

Rhinestone Fashion Belts
Rhinestone Fashion Belts
Rhinestone Fashion Belts

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