Rhinestone Fashion Jewelry

Rhinestone Fashion Jewelry
What do you think of this?????

Hello! Im trying to update my Fashion- Rhinestone Jewelry etc.. website o that it looks better and so that I can offer more to my costumers, I added a section that offers free prizes, what do you think on this? do you think its a good idea? also if this was your site what would you change? Do you like the font? Thanks so much for your opinions!!! I really appreciate it! please Im not trying to advertise I just want opinions from people like you.

this is my website: http://www.bbglamfashion.com

I think the website is adorable and I would definetely go on it and I dont think you should change anything
your on the right track and it looks great!

please answer my question also


Rhinestone Fashion Jewelry
Rhinestone Fashion Jewelry
Rhinestone Fashion Jewelry

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