Rhinestone Ornament

Rhinestone Ornament
I am looking for wholesale suppliers of rhinestone chain. Not already made jewlery, just the chain. Any idea?

I make ornaments and decorate real egg shells and need rhinestone chain. I am tired of paying $10 a yard when I know it wholesales for only $2.98 from Swarovski. Does anybody have the contact for buying this wholesale? Even if it is an off brand that is fine too. Must be wholesale and not retail pricing as I will only pay $3 yard.
Thanks much!
I have already search high and low on the internet and am looking for a wholesale supplier for rhinestone chain. Swarovski sells for only $2.98 a yard but does anyone have a contact for them in North America? Off brand info also accepted. Thanks

I hope this stuff is what your looking for:







My mother in law used to make egg ornaments with beads. She’d buy the beads (usually seed beads) and string them up herself, then wrap them. They’re pretty cool looking. Anyways, hope at least one of those links was useful to you!

Rhinestone Ornament
Rhinestone Ornament
Rhinestone Ornament

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