Rhinestone Pink Cowgirl Hat

Rhinestone Pink Cowgirl Hat

We all know that living sometimes puts way more on our plates than we can handle. Just as you’re recuperating from back to school hysteria and are reintegrating carpooling children here and there for post school activities, Halloween is upon you before you recognize it. If you’ve got a couple of children to costume up, it can move into some dollars. If you are poor on time, dollars or both, here are 5 quick easy Halloween costumes you can build yourself in just a few hours. A trip to the dollar store for a couple of neat add-on’s and you’ve got some happy trick or treaters. These costumes are a score with all the kids.

The most simple quick easy Halloween costume is the ghost. Yes, the basic white sheet is the main staple of this costume, but your haunt needn’t be a plain Jane or Joe. This is a stylish ghost, cool as can be. Arrange the sheet over the child so that it’s equally spread by width and length. Ask the youngster to point to each eye – they think this is whacky and it adds to the fun. Take a magic marker and draw circles, big enough for easy viewing. Cut the hem as necessary. Pin armhole openings, adequately enough to provide easy movement. Remove the sheet. You can use a glue gun to attach sequins or beads all around the eye holes and place day-glow stickers everyplace. Sew the armhole openings.  You’re done!

Your small princess will feel & look like a true Princess in this quick easy Halloween costume. You can discover the primary dress at a thrift store. Search for a especial affair dress. Let your little girl do the opting of color and style. A stop at the fabric shop will afford all the satin flowers, lace, appliques & trims you’ll need to make this dress really special. A rhinestone crown completes the picture perfect Princess costume.

Tiny girls invariably want to be an angel at least once! Once Again, it’s simple to find a white, special occasion dress at thrift stores. The fabric shop adds more decorations. Use a spray glue to make sprinkles of glitter stick, as desired.

SpongeBob Square Pants(TM) is a comical looking guy popular with young boys. All you need is a rectangular cardboard box and a little acrylic paint. For authenticity, Google an image of this little guy. Note the eye and mouth openings and paint away. This quick  easy Halloween costume goes faster when your youngster participates in the painting, which he’ll want to do!

A pair of jeans, a plaid shirt and a few dime store supplements are all you want for the cowboy or cowgirl costume. With a hat, six-shooter belt and cheap boots, your kid is ready to rustle up some treats!

No matter which of these quick easy Halloween costumes you pick out, attach reflective, glittery or glow-in-the-dark doo-dads for safety’s sake. A small amount of imagination and a few hours is all you require for a Happy Halloween!

Check out our web page for even more tips on Quick Easy Halloween Costumes or Halloween Party Snacks.

Rhinestone Pink Cowgirl Hat
Rhinestone Pink Cowgirl Hat
Rhinestone Pink Cowgirl Hat

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