Rhinestone Pink Earrings

Rhinestone Pink Earrings
Help for Halloween- 80′s Pretty in Pink- Need Hair Help?

Hi, thanks for checking in. Please help- have outfit, Black and white linen ladies blazer, black leggings, pink shoes, earrings and bangle. Making a hair piece, like Madonna punk, I guess.
Braided three colors of toole (the fabric that’s like netting) around a very thin headband, and now have a whole lot of extra- some of it sticks up like punk, and some of it hangs down like a bridal veil.
Can anyone suggest how to make this look a little more authentic? Jagged edges, maybe?
Rhinestones too heavy; have silver glitter paint for edges. Also, should I curl my wavy hair, flat iron it, or leave it natural?
I’ve loked under images, but have yet to find the style ofhair I’m looking for.

Jagged edges with silver glitter sound pretty good actually.

See if you can make your hair kind of curly and poofed! Perms were really in back in the 80′s.

Rhinestone Pink Earrings
Rhinestone Pink Earrings
Rhinestone Pink Earrings

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