Rhinestone Pink Flamingo

Rhinestone Pink Flamingo

Do you want to look like Nicole Kidman’s Satine in the movie Moulin Rouge or Kristi Yamaguchi in Dancing With the Stars? It isn’t as hard as it looks! Just let your imagination run wild with these sexy dance costumes and showgirl costumes!


The beauty of the art of dancing is enhanced significantly by the use of the appropriate dance costumes. There are different styles of dance costumes, just as there are different forms of dancing. A specific dance costume has to be able to allow the dancer to move freely and comfortably while remaining visually appealing for the audience to watch. Some common dance costumes include beaded gowns that have full skirts for ballroom dancing; embellished sexy tops and intricate headdresses for showgirls; fringed midriff top and long skirts for belly dancing; figure-hugging tops and ruffled asymmetrical skirts for Latin dances; and a tutu or leotards for ballet and theater, to name a few. Among these, one of the most elaborate and most popular dance costumes is the showgirl costume.


Costumes for showgirls tend to be full of flair, color and frou-frou. These showgirl costumes are sexy and quite revealing. They can come in one- or two-piece suits that show a lot of skin. If you’re daring enough, you can even wear a bejeweled G-string. Choose fancy showgirl costumes that sparkle and glitter. Eye-catching and loud colors are best used, such as sapphire blue, flamingo pink, emerald green, gold, bright red, royal purple and canary yellow, to name a few. Make sure the costume has a lot of bling, such as sequins, rhinestones, pearls and beads. Fur and feathers add even more pizzazz to the showgirl costume. Costumes for showgirls tend to look heavy because they are bulky. However, if you look hard enough, you can find dance and showgirl costumes that are actually lightweight. This is necessary to make sure that you remain comfortable while you are wearing the showgirl costume.

For the shoes, be sure to get high-heeled dance shoes that look sexy but remain comfortable on your feet. Some showgirls wear frilly and alluring go-go boots to finish up the look. Make sure you wear matching stockings to highlight your legs and complement your outfit.


No showgirl costume is complete without a fabulous powder-puff headdress. These lavish headdresses can go as high as 3 feet or more. It is crucial to practice walking with these huge headdresses on you while wearing your sexy high heels so that you can keep your balance. In fact, real showgirls do this while prancing down staircases that are 20 feet high while beams of light are shone in their direction. Others, instead of wearing such big headdresses, choose to wear wigs in shocking colors and top hats.


To make your dance costume more attractive, you can add additional accessories. Jewelries, such as golden bangles, arm bands and necklaces, are used to enhance the outfit. Some dancers also use black top hats, matching boas, wigs in a variety of bright colors, and the like, depending on the dance. For the make-up, make sure that you wear bold, glittery and dark make-up that can emphasize your features to go with your fancy and glitzy outfit.

You will surely steal the show in these extraordinary dance costumes and showgirl costumes!

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Rhinestone Pink Flamingo
Rhinestone Pink Flamingo
Rhinestone Pink Flamingo

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