Rhinestone Pink Shoes

Rhinestone Pink Shoes

These days, many brides are opting for wedding heels that are very low. The reasoning behind this is for their own comfort and for personal stability while walking around and dancing in the shoes. Low wedding heels come in many types. Most of them are half an inch to one inch tall. Below are a few main types of low wedding heels that brides can choose from.

Ballet slippers: Ballet slippers are a popular choice amongst brides. Many opt to get them in pink to add a little color to their wedding dresses. The ballet slippers are very comfortable and tend to mold to a person’s feet very well. Plus, they are stretchy and elastic so they go right on the foot and don’t give a lot of pressure. Usually, they have a very low heel if at all.

Elegant flats: Many designers are making fantastic flats these days. Some of the most comfortable ones are made by Tory Burch. Stuart Weitzman and Marc Jacobs also makes some wonderful and fun flats. The flats come in all different shapes. Some are t-straps, some are simple flats, some look a little like Mary Jane’s. The number of colors and styles are simply wonderful and oftentimes, you can wear your wedding flats again. If looking for white flats, try and look during the late Spring and early Summer when white is used by many designers. If looking for color, then look all year round. You’ll find some fantastic red flats and green flats in many different stores.

Kitten heel slides: Slides with a small kitten heel are perfect for the bride looking for low heel shoes. The small kitten heel is sometimes thicker for more stability. The feet slide right in and the straps usually come with different designs. Then, in the back, the ankle is free to move around. Kitten heels are great for the girl that wants something easy to put on and still have a little height.

Bridal flip flops: There are many different types of wedding flip flops out there. Some brides opt for very simple flip flops that they just get from a regular store such as Old Navy or J. Crew. Other brides order special bridal flip flops that come decorated with little rhinestones or bridal lettering. Finally, there are also some fantastic rhinestone flip flops that brides can find in stores, especially during the summer. These will match both their wedding dresses as well as future summertime outfits.

Low wedding heels are a great option for brides looking for something easy to slide into, comfortable and easy to wear again in the future.

Jenny Wells is a shoe fanatic and shops for shoes more than 3 times a week. She lives in Los Angeles where buying and wearing shoes is easy since it is sunny year round. She consults for a wedding shoe site that helps brides find gorgeous and unique wedding shoes, from pink wedding shoes to the perfect white wedding shoe.

Rhinestone Pink Shoes
Rhinestone Pink Shoes
Rhinestone Pink Shoes

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