Ribbon Swarovski Crystal

Ribbon Swarovski Crystal

If there is one thing that can instantly make your wedding prettier, it is festive ribbons. You can use ribbons in so many ways, some of which are traditional, and some that are a bit more unique. These are some tips on how to be-ribbon your wedding to make it as beautiful as possible.

Start by picking a color palette for your ribbons. Usually two or three colors is best, and those can be used with a neutral like white or ivory. If you want a sophisticated look, choose a pairing like espresso and pale blue. For a more lighthearted feeling, a trio of ribbon colors such as orange, lime, and hot pink will make a splash. You can also create a more vintage feeling by using ribbons in a subdued palette such as mauve and silver.

Your invitations are a great place to introduce the ribbon theme. The most traditional usage is to tie a bow on the top of a flat invitation, or to wrap a ribbon around a folded one. There are some more modern ways to use a ribbon, as well. One idea is to attach a piece of ribbon to make a vertical stripe up one side of the stationery, with the type set off-center to the opposite side. You can even have your invitations made with a printed stripe to represent your ribbon colors, instead of affixing an actual piece of ribbon to the invitations.

For your reception tables, you can create some fantastic DIY looks with ribbons. Dress up a basic white tablecloth by layering long strips of ribbon across it. Secure the ribbons in the center of the cloth and place the centerpiece over it to hide the attachment. Another idea is to sew (or glue) a ribbon border around the hem of a plain cloth. This looks especially pretty when you use a few different widths and colors of ribbons.

You can certainly plan to trim out the rest of your tables in pretty ribbons. A simple piece of ribbon tied into a bow makes a nice alternative to a napkin holder. If you want to dress it up a bit, slip a single blossom into the bow on each napkin. An alternative to a flower would be a small piece of greenery, like a fiddlehead or a fern leaf. Continue the theme by decorating the chairs with ribbons wrapped around them that are tied into bows on the back.

Ribbon can also be used to add a festive accent to your bridesmaid jewelry. As your bridesmaid gifts, give your attendants classic strands of pearls (real or Swarovski pearls) that you have dressed up with a bow over the clasp. This looks so pretty when your bridesmaids are wearing their hair up; the ribbon on the bridesmaid jewelry looks much better than an exposed clasp.

Think about some unusual ways to decorate with ribbons. Crafty brides can weave ribbons together to make a one-of-a-kind cover for the ring bearer’s pillow. Another very easy thing to do is to pin the escort cards to wide satin ribbons draped over a table. This is a great way to anchor the cards so that they will not blow away.

Ribbons and flowers always go together, and tying a ribbon around your bouquet is only the beginning. A really gorgeous design is to hand wide pieces of ribbons behind the ceremony altar and to attach flowers to the ribbons. This creates the look of a wall of flowers floating behind you as you exchange your vows – beautiful!

There are so many fantastic effects that you can create from ribbons. These festive streamers will go a long way towards enhancing your wedding design. With all that you can do with ribbons, you will want to use them in more than a few places in your wedding.

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Ribbon Swarovski Crystal
Ribbon Swarovski Crystal
Ribbon Swarovski Crystal

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