Rose Crystal

Rose Crystal

Historically, crystals have always been displayed and used for their beauty and their unexplained energies. In this modern world, we are constantly seeking new ways to use crystals to help heal and restore balance to our ever increasing stressful lives. Crystals are formed naturally in the earth and they undergo extreme temperatures and chemical reactions. Perhaps it is this natural formation that balances energy forces within the environment.

Crystals help to heal the body’s aura and chakras by ensuring they are in a natural balance. There are a number of techniques you can use to specifically target problem areas of your mind, body and spirit by using certain crystals in different positions. Listed below are a few of them:

To calm mind, body and spirit: Laying flat on the floor, lay a clear quartz point facing up at the top of the head, a rose quartz crystal on the heart and a smoky quartz point at the bottom of the body facing down. Laying in this position will allow the clear quartz to clam and balance the head. The rose quartz shall balance emotion and the smoky quartz will relive stress and tension.

To ease menstruation pains: Laying flat on the floor, place several moonstones around the body. One at the top of the head, one on each shoulder and one on each hip. Moonstone helps to unblock energy restrictions that are exacerbated by emotional and physical tensions often experienced with menstruation. It is also helpful for a woman to carry moonstone about with her, perhaps as a piece of jewellery, when it comes to that time of the month.

To heal general aches: Amethyst is a fantastic healing stone that can be used for general aches and pains. Place several amethyst stones of even shapes around the body and lay flat on the floor. For headaches, place amethyst on the forehead. Aches occur when there are energy restrictions or energy imbalances. Amethyst works to unblock those energies and restore balance. Lodestone can also be used in the same way to relieve and revive muscle aches and pains.

To refresh mind body and spirit: Laying flat on the floor, take 6 clear quartz points and place them evenly around the body. Place them so the points are facing out. This will calm the body and the mind and release all excess tensions. After several minutes, turn the points inwards to charge the body with energy.

All the crystals listed can be found at new age shops and online crystal specialists and the best way to start using these healing crystals is to purchase ones you are drawn to and to start experimenting.

With over seven years experience, I have been running the online store Spirit which specializes in new age supplies and Witchcraft & Wiccan items. Orders can be made online at The store is based in Kent (UK).

Rose Crystal
Rose Crystal
Rose Crystal

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