Rose Swarovski Crystal

Rose Swarovski Crystal
Is it ok to be upset and ask someone ot take back a gift if you didn’t ask for it?

The only thing I wanted for christmas this year was a Spa gift certificate. My fiance bought me one last year and I am SOOO stressed right now that is is REALLY what I needed.
Instead my fiance bought me two Swarovski crystal figurines, a butterfly and a rose. I HATE them. I have ranted and raved a million times how much I hate knick knacks and he should have known. I am not a Girly-girl so flowers and butter flies are not my style either.
I know they were expensive, much more than a gift certificate. Should I be upset and how do I ask him to take them back and get what I really wanted?
In addition…the wedding is in April and we are paying for the whole thing so Money is tight “get your own” is out the window. Also he is not the Back rub type and says so often, “it’s not his thing”
so that is out too. I did ask him what his inspiration was and his answer was because they were the Sparkliest ones in the store.

No, don’t ask him to take them back. But don’t put them on display, either. When he asks where they are, say something like, “Oh, I didn’t want them out collecting dust. I put them away for my daughter when I have one.”

He may take the hint. If he doesn’t, they will be worth more as “collectibles” by the time your daughter inherits them.

Rose Swarovski Crystal
Rose Swarovski Crystal
Rose Swarovski Crystal

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