Round Baguettes Diamond

Round Baguettes Diamond
Repeat diamond question – could use more answers?

Last time I was impatient and gave best answer to the first and single answer — which was cool… it was a good answer. But looking for more opinions.


On the “petals” are baguette diamonds. If you notice, there’s one missing on the right petal. How possible is it to replace that single baguette? Difficulty? Cost? Where to go?

Also, I’ve been thinking of replacing all the baguettes with little round diamonds. I think the baguette cut makes them look fake. Would it be possible to do that? Where would I go? About how much would it cost?

If you could answer all of those, that’d be great. Thanks!
All the stones are real. I think the ruby looks fake cuz I haven’t cleaned it in a while. And the cut probably isn’t very good.

My mom gave it to me, and I believe she got it from Cambodia.
Any suggestions for reputable jewelers around Bothell, WA? Or how can I determine if I can trust a jeweler?

Yes, it is possible to replace the baguettes, but it would be difficult because these stones are channel set. The cost would depend on how difficult it is, whether the jeweler would need to add gold, etc. You should take it to a jewelry store that you trust and get an estimate. They may have to send it out to a jeweler unless they have one in store.

As for replacing with round diamonds, again, it would be possible but because the style of the ring lends itself to the baguette shape rather than round, it might look funny because there would be quite a bit of empty space around the sides of the diamonds. The cost to replace all of them with round diamonds would be based on the difficulty, materials and how much credit the jeweler is willing to give you if you let him keep the baguettes. If you want to keep the baguettes, you will have to pay for the round diamonds and you probably realize they are expensive. OR you could substitute White Zircon for the diamonds and they would look just like diamonds to the untrained eye.

Round Baguettes Diamond
Round Baguettes Diamond
Round Baguettes Diamond

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