Round Diamond Ladies

Round Diamond Ladies

Maybe you know history of Piaget, maybe you are familiar with Piaget series, maybe you have studied its technology for quite a time, but do you know Piaget is not only a watch-making master and jewelry master but also a magic master full of imagination?

Magic A: Three Expressions, All in One

Magician always presents a surprise when you least expect it. Remember at the evening party, Cinderella turned into a beauty with a pair of glass slippers? Do not equal magician with little wizard who only know some little tricks. You know, in the legend of Middle Age, Magicians were on a par with brave kings, beautiful girls and prominent noblemen.

In ancient Greece, magicians were always women while now the main audience of Piaget’s magic are also women. Why? Well, women are ever-changing elves. Change is stamp of women. Have you ever seen a woman with only one face, one expression and mood? Women are always changing with different time, place, identity and their styles. At this moment, Piaget points to Magic Hour and says: change!

Magic Hour, a charming lady with three expressions: when the oblong is horizontal, it presents a elegant and fashionable expression; Facing upward 45 degrees, it wakes up a kind of radical avant-garde feeling; Continuing upward another 45 degrees, it turns into dazzling grandeur. One curse, three impressive expressions in one. Magic, right? With a romantic way of thinking and a smart and secret mechanism, Piaget plays a wonder magic to extremes, making you can’t help becoming curious.

This is original exploration of Piaget’s top-class watch&jewelry studio which combines three wristwatches in one and finds a brand-new transformation mode. Magic Hour smartly translates female particularities: game, interest, freedom, unrestrained and magician temperament. If you like, Magic Hour changes with you.

Magic B: Limelight Party Plays Melody for Some Time

Do you hear gramophone record is sing a melody of time? Piaget presents another design, playing a melody in memory of music. Once upon a time when CD record did not yet exist, the mainstream of music medium was black xylonite record whose vacant and euphonious melody almost enchanted the whole world.

After saying goodbye to mind shock for two decades, Piaget’s magic brings you back to the fantastic age. On a romantic and exciting party full of young people, a charming melody starts from gramophone record and wafts among steps. That is Limelight party! Sweet memory, like valuable record, is meaningful!

Limelight party is a perfect fusion of Piaget wristwatch and jewelry. The opening and closing of black agate lid reveals the real time chapter on gramophone record and dual identities under the cover of jewelry coat. Like gramophone record, vinyl is more than a wristwatch. It is also a piece of jewelry: 320 round diamonds together create the colourful movement of staff, echoing the black agate dial and the flowing notes.

Magic C: Possession – Merry-Go-Round

Possession ring maybe more famous than Possession wristwatch. In 1990, Possession, as Piaget’s first jewelry, was born and , like a magic, caught people’s eyes by its avant-garde turning mode. Possession ring has never lost it charm for nearly 20 years.

Of course, Piaget, as the architect of magic legend, always kept creative and optimistic and gave birth to Possession wristwatch. A dazzling round diamond freely rotates on the orbit of bezel, just like enjoying the happy moment on a merry-go-around. It also dances with the Arabic numerals, adding a kind of romantic flair . Even when the rotating bezel is paved with diamonds, one diamond may be cursed and injected with carefree and elegance. The curse is secret engraved at the case edge, just like that on ring! This is exclusive Possession!

The charm of Possession does not stop here. Piaget has given birth to many models based on the original design. These beautiful timepieces, just like dresses of Barbie Girl, are ever-changing and have unique flair. Hold your breath, choose the one you like best, then change different clothes to match it according your mood, your feeling and your expression. Just change with Possession!

Magic D: Miss Protocole Wears Time

Change! Change! Change! Miss Protocole has thousands of faces. From the day she was born, Miss Protocole has always been a curious and unrestrained girl of avant-garde image and mind. Every day she has brand-new image while still looks for her true self.

Piaget is the royal stylist and a bold fashion designer as well as a jewelry master of Miss Protocole. Piaget creates Miss Protocole Classic and Miss Protocole Xl; Piaget applies all kinds of high quality materials, such as leather belt, crocodile skin, mink hair, satin face riband, feather, embroider, fine thread clothes, jean, satin neckband and polished finishing, to design beautiful styles for Miss Prodocole; What is more, Piaget carefully chooses diamonds and uses hand-made inlay workmanship to enhance the unparalleled beauty of Miss Protocole.

Even Miss Protocole herself does not know how the true Miss Protocole looks like because Piaget has vested too many lives in her. Every life is the same wonderful, vivid, free and unusual. She never totally counts herself into any field. She may be wristwatch, a piece of jewelry or a hang adorn. Sometimes, she even appears on glove, notebook or handbag as a time ambassador. I think, Miss Protocole is a real woman who know how to perfectly wear time.

Walk side by side with time!

Round Diamond Ladies
Round Diamond Ladies
Round Diamond Ladies

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