Round Diamond Mens

Round Diamond Mens

Gone are the days when diamonds were thought of as adornments for women only. With the advent of the metro sexual male, diamonds have staged a serious comeback in men’s fashion as well. These precious stones now form luxury cuff links, tie pins and rings for men as well. If you want to buy that something special for the man in your life, here are a few tips.

You don’t have to hesitate if you want to buy a diamond chain for your man. You can choose a simple chain of stones in a single file. This will spell elegance and luxury in the same breath. You could also go in for religious motifs and pendants for men.

There are a large number of pendants like dog tags and crucifixes that would find favor among men. Most sites online also allow you to design your own pendant. You can also inscribe a personalized message on the chain you are gifting your man.

If you want to buy something less costly but still equally valuable, a diamond ring might be a good purchase. A ring would be the best choice for weddings or anniversaries. Most rings for men come with a simple metal band into which the ring is set.

You can choose gold, silver or platinum bands according to your budget. The cut of the diamond is also important in this case. You can choose from a smooth round diamond or a stone with numerous facets. Remember that the greater the number of facets, the costlier the stone is.

Apart from common options of tie pins and cuff links you could also choose a diamond encrusted key chain. This is a signature gift and would be an excellent choice especially if he has a great car for which the key chain would complement its luxury perfectly. You can also think of a money clip studded with diamonds. These clips are a good alternative to wallets and come in many different styles.

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Round Diamond Mens
Round Diamond Mens
Round Diamond Mens

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