Round Diamond Star

Round Diamond Star
help me identify the value of these old coins and dollar bills?

k im gonna get right to it

1. a coin that says “national parks centimental” has a buffalo on the front with the world above the buffalo and it looks gold/brass

2. a coin that on the front, says “aloha from hawaii wakkiki beach-diamond head and on the back has a picture opf a person in a robe with some sort of spear and it says “hawaii dollar honalulu

3. a coin front: has a picture of a eagle and says ” united states of america one dollar

4. another one that says united states one dollar but on the back has a picture of a man on on the right side has the olympic sign and some stars that kinda look like the houston astros sign and says “los angeles” on the left

5. a small small dollar bill that says bank “indonesia” and has a picture of a man in a really big round hat and the tip of the hat has a point”

6. a canada 5 dollar bill with a bird on the back and on the front a man in a suit with a white collar

7. A old bill that says “reich banknote”

1. worth nothing (souvenir)
2. worth nothing (souvenir)
3. one dollar
4. one dollar
5. worth nothing (foreign currenty but value is < .01) 6. Worth $5.00 Canadian, about $4.50 US 7. Don't know - need more information.

Round Diamond Star
Round Diamond Star
Round Diamond Star

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