Round Diamond Tennis

Round Diamond Tennis


Bracelets are among the earliest adornments. In ancient Egypt, men and women frequently wore gold bands or twisted gold wire on each wrist and upper arm.

Often decorated with figures of snakes or sphinxes, bracelets remained popular until the fall of the Roman Empire, when the long sleeves worn in the middle ages sent them into obscurity. Bracelets didn’t become fashionable again until the 1800s.

Popular Bracelets Styles

As you learned in the section on chains, a length of chain in any number of attractive styles can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet. But there is a wealth of other bracelets styles to choose from – some set with gems, some showing off the beauty of precious metal. Some bracelets, like the chain bracelet, are flexible. Some are rigid.

Today, most people wear bracelets on their wrists, although arm bracelets and ankle bracelets are available. Both men and women wear chain bracelets, though many bracelets styles are for women only. Now titanium bracelets are becoming extremely popular for men to wear because of their masculine look and appeal. Stainless steel bracelets are now in fashion as well.

The diamond tennis bracelets are one of today’s most popular bracelet styles. It’s a variation on a classic bracelet style, the straight-line bracelet. Simply described, it’s a flexible band of faceted, usually round diamonds of matching size set in a line that encircles the wrist. The diamonds can be set in gold or platinum.

It got its new name after a famous tennis player, Chris Evert, attracted public attention to it. Evert’s diamond straight-line bracelet slipped off during a televised tennis match. She stopped the match to retrieve it, calling it her “tennis bracelet” and the new became part of jewel history.

Cuffs and bangle bracelets are examples of rigid bracelets. Cuffs are wide or narrow C-shaped bands that fit over the wrist or arm. Popular with the ancients, today they are often brightly polished, plain metal bands. But cuffs can also be of openwork of filigree. They can also be gem-set or otherwise decorated. Designer Elsa Peretti is known for her “bone cuff” design – a fluidly shaped cuff bracelet of precious metal shaped to fit the contours of the wrists.

A bangle bracelet can be circular or oval. Sometimes, however, the outside of the bangle is an angular shape like a square. Most bangles are made of precious metal, but can be fashioned from jadeite, nephrite, or a combination of materials. Bangles either slip on over the hand or open and close by means of hinge and clasp mechanisms. Hinged bangles usually feature short safety chains, in case their clasps open accidently. Bangles, Like cuffs, can be ornate or plain, gem-set or without gems. Sometimes women wear several bangles “stacked” together.

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Round Diamond Tennis
Round Diamond Tennis
Round Diamond Tennis

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