Round Diamond Three

Round Diamond Three
I’m looking for a nice three-stone diamond ring for my wife…?

My 10 year anniversary is in June, and I’ve slowly been saving for a three-stone diamond ring.

1. Must be 14K Yellow Gold
2. Must be in the $400-$600 range, which limits me greatly, but I’m not a millionaire…
3. Diamonds must be round cut…biggest in the middle with two smaller ones surrounding it.
I’ve checked Zales, Macy’s, JC Penney, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Overstock, etc…

I’ve found a few that look nice, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a secure and safe online jeweler so I can compare and see more options.


Have you considered Moissanite instead of diamonds? They are comparable in price, but prettier, I think. I believe JCPenney is carrying moissanite now. You should check it out. It may even be less expensive.

Round Diamond Three
Round Diamond Three
Round Diamond Three

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