Round Diamond Yard

Round Diamond Yard

PureSpin has not been around long by golf equipment standards. But as of late, this wedge maker has been gaining significant traction in a very competitive market. PureSpin is now the #1 preferred wedge on the Senior Tour.

Why has PureSpin suddenly emerged as a major contender?

PureSpin is the only wedge or golf club for that matter, to use diamonds in the club face. That’s right diamonds. PureSpin has touted this their Diamond Face Scoring Wedge that has seen a marked improvement in both durability and spin making over conventional wedges.

What, durability you say? Most definitely. While durability may not be thought of as a wedge attribute, it is an important one. This may come as a surprise to some, but conventional wedges begin to loose their spin making ability after just 50 shots, the equivalent of only 5 rounds of golf! This premise was confirmed by independent testing using robotics that hit wedge shots at a specific launch angle and speed. The results were quite astonishing. Conventional wedges such as Cleveland, Odyssey and Taylormade, begin to loose their spin rate between 50 and 100 shots. PureSpin on the other hand was able to maintain spin rate not only after 100 shots but 1,000 shots. PureSpin was able to hold the green after the durability test, averaging 2’4″ from the pin, four times better than their counterparts. This test scientifically proved that the diamond face does provide a durability unrivaled by conventional wedges and therefore improves the spin rate for the life of the wedge.

The reason for the improved durability is the diamond crystal technology. Industrial diamonds are crushed into fine crystal granules and mixed with a proprietary solution to form a compound. The material is then bonded permanently to the face of the PureSpin wedge using a special nickel electroplate process. This makes for an extremely hard club face surface.

The only negative that seems to echo from some golfing enthusiasts is that because of the inordinate hardness of the club face, it does seem to cause more scuffs and cut marks in balls. This may be a concern to some and worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, PureSpin is gaining in popularity as a wedge of choice and has waged war with the big boys on the block.

It is a well known fact the majority of golf shots in a round of golf come within the 100 yard red marker. Why not improve your ability to hold the green and scoring chances with a PureSpin wedge – diamonds may have just become a golfers best friend.

Dan DeRoeck is an avid golfer that promotes technology as a means to improve the enjoyment of the game. He owns and operates a number of websites aimed at providing an opportunity for all golfers to use technology as a way to improve their game.

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Round Diamond Yard
Round Diamond Yard
Round Diamond Yard

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