Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Have a close female friend whose birthday is coming up? Want to get her something special, but know that a diamond ring means the wrong thing?

Why not get her a beautiful pair of diamond earrings? Diamonds can mean much more than romance! They are April’s birthstone due to their ability to withstand time. They are perfect for everyday use while still being elegant and refined. When looking for a gift that will last forever, diamonds are an excellent choice.

The question that remains is what piece of diamond jewellery to get Рnecklace, ring, earrings? What cut of diamond is the best to choose? When thinking about diamonds, a ring generally springs to mind first. However, if you are giving the gift to anyone but your fianc̩, a ring will likely confuse a girl. A necklace could be an excellent choice if she wears necklaces, but even so there is a chance that a diamond necklace will get put in the safe and worn only on very special occasions. The one piece of jewellery that a girl can wear for any occasion and not feel over or under dressed is diamond earrings. They are also usually more affordable.

The hardest part of shopping for diamond earrings, for most people, is deciding on the cut of the diamond: i.e. princess, round, emerald, or oval? Assuming you are looking to buy a matched set of diamond studs, the differences in cut only matter to the girl. If you know her well enough, you can match the shape to her personality.

Round-cut diamonds are cut in the shape of a cone and known for their brilliancy. This cut is the most popular cut for a diamond. If you have seen an engagement ring recently, chances are the main diamond was a round-cut.

Princess-cut diamonds are shaped like an inverted pyramid – a square top with four beveled edges. It is the second most popular cut for all diamond jewelry.

Emerald-cut diamonds are shaped like most emeralds are – a rectangular inverted pyramid. While not a particularly common cut, the shape is familiar and suits rounder faces best.

Oval-cut diamonds are very similar in shape to round-cut diamonds, differing only in the shape of the base of the cone.

There are other cuts available, like the pear and the heart, but sticking to the classic shapes is always a good idea when buying jewellery without the lady by your side. The size of the diamond, measured in carats, should be smaller as the ear can only hold so much weight. One last piece of advice: Ask the jeweller you are buying from to recommend a pair of diamond earrings. They know what they are doing – trust their opinions as well as yours.

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Sapphire Diamond Earrings
Sapphire Diamond Earrings
Sapphire Diamond Earrings

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