Sapphire Topaz Crystal

Sapphire Topaz Crystal
Help my yu-gi-oh crystal beast deck.?

right now i have 60 cards but i want to mod it down to 40-50
the deck list is as follows:
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasusx3
Crystal Beast Topaz Tigerx3
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbunclex3
Crystal Beast Amber Mammothx3
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortisex2
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eaglex2
Crystal Beast Amethyst Catx2
Dweller in the Depthsx2
Magna slash dragonx1
Gravi Crush Dragonx1
Sea Koalax2
Rainbow Dragonx2
Hamon lord of striking thunderx1
Spirit Reaperx1
Rescue Catx1
Lightning Vortexx1
Wild natures releasex2
Giant Trunadex1
Ancient City Rainbow Ruinsx2
Crystal Abundance x2
Crystal Blessingx2
Crystal Promisex2
Crystal Beaconx2
Brain Control x1
Smashing Groundx1
Crystal Releasex1
Last Resort.1
Crystal Ragekix1
Mirror Forcex1
Sak armorx3
Thanks for any tips you give me.

First of all: BEAUTIFUL DECK!!! I love Chrystal Beast Decks and this one is PERFECT! It’s so well built, you really don’t have to bring it down, trust me, it will work as is, but if your determined to bring it down a little (which really isn’t neccessary with this deck), I would say throw out 1 each of Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus, Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle, Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth, I don’t even think you should throw those out. Everything else, definitely keep!

Sapphire Topaz Crystal
Sapphire Topaz Crystal
Sapphire Topaz Crystal

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