Shape Diamond Ring

Shape Diamond Ring

Diamond should not to be confused with diamond shape. Cut refers to the angle and proportions of the incisions made in the process of shaping the stone. There are only two basic kinds of diamond cuts: the step cut and the brilliant cut. These can be modified and combined to create different shapes and diamond properties.

The step cut is simple and achieved by making gradual incisions that create steps along a stone’s surface. The shape that most naturally results from this type of cut is the rectangular, emerald shape. Though not as brilliant, step cut diamonds have an old-school simplicity and grace.

The brilliant cut is made at gradual angles designed to give the diamond maximum internal light refraction. The shape associated with the brilliant cut is the round diamond. The round diamond is by far the most popular diamond shape today, used often for engagement rings. Here are some other kinds of diamond shapes that use a variety of the two basic cuts.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart shaped diamonds are a popular and romantic choice, especially as stand-alone stones in pendants and necklaces. But the heart diamond is difficult to make. It’s a pear shaped diamond, basically, with a cleft at the top. Its quality depends greatly on the skills of the diamond cutter.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

An even combination of the brilliant cut and step cut, the radiant diamond has a rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges and, with its 70 facets designed to maximize color refraction, it has an increased brilliance.

Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds (so called because they were [supposedly] inspired by the shape of the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour) were commissioned by France’s Louis XIV. They have an elongated shape that comes to a point at either end.

Princes Cut Diamonds

A very popular shape today, the princess diamond is sharply square-shaped. However, rather than the step cut, it uses a modified version of the brilliant cut to achieve a surprising brilliance.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

Created in the late seventies, these diamonds are an adaptation of the radiant diamond. They are the shape of an equilateral triangle and use an even combination of step and brilliant cuts.

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Shape Diamond Ring
Shape Diamond Ring
Shape Diamond Ring

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