Silver Flower Crystal

Silver Flower Crystal

Even the tiniest members of your Bridal Party will light up with happiness and pride when they receive their attendants’ gift! Flower girls might be a pint-sized bridesmaid, but they deserve the same thanks and recognition that your Bridesmaids do, if not more! After all, they ultimately set the tone for your wedding as they walk down the aisle. Not only do they set the mood of your ceremony, but they also bring tradition and symbolism to your wedding as well.

Historically, Flower Girls and their presence in weddings have been in existence since the time of the Roman Empire. During that time period, young females typically carried sheaths of wheat or herbs to usher in the blessings of prosperity and fertility for the Bride and Groom. Later in history, the girls carried garlic and other items to ward off evil spirits and any bad luck aimed towards the new husband and his wife.

The Victorian Flower Girl is the prototype for which we most likely associate with today. Dressed in white, most often as a miniature version of the Bride herself, a young girl walks in the bridal procession directly preceding the bride. The miniature bride usually carried a basket of blooming fresh flowers or petals to welcome the Bride and Groom to the ceremony. She traditionally represents the crossing over of a Bride from childhood into womanhood as a wife and future mother.

Today, Flower Girls usually aid in setting the tone of a wedding. Have you ever been to a wedding where there was not a Flower Girl present in the Bridal party? If you have, then you will be able to realize the important job that the miniature attendant has. She sets the tone for a wedding ceremony, perhaps her mere presence gives the hope and promise for the newly married couple to have children of their own, or maybe they are just a delight to look at! Never the less, your pint-sized maid deserves a token of appreciation equal to that of your bridesmaids.

As of late, it has become a custom for the Bride to present the Bridesmaids and Flower Girls with a gift of appreciation. After all, they block aside numerous weekends for showers and parties, purchase their dresses and shoes, get their hair and nails done for the big day, and help fulfill the Brides vision of her dream wedding. A small token of appreciation from the Bride is pretty much expected these days.

The newest trends in gift giving this year, is in Jewelry. Giving a gift that your Flower Girls can wear during the wedding ceremony and after the big day as well is a gift that every Bride should consider purchasing. Some of the hottest items this year include Pearl Bracelets, with or without dangling silver charms, Personalized Jewelry, or versatile Silver Pendants with the Flower Girl’s name engraved on it. Most Silver Pendants can also be accented with baby pearls or crystals in your wedding colors as well! After a while, the pendants can be soldered onto a charm bracelet to be treasured always!

Hollie Rougeaux Souza, owner and jewelry designer for, a Jewelery and Accessories Boutique for Baby, Child, and Adult. Specializing in baby name bracelets, mother bracelets, hand-fired and engraved 99.9% pure silver pendants and charms, sterling silver, Swarovski and Czech crystal jewelry, 14kt gold accent jewelry, personalized jewelry, Flower Girl Jewelry, and custom items.

Silver Flower Crystal
Silver Flower Crystal
Silver Flower Crystal

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