Solitaire Diamond Necklace

Solitaire Diamond Necklace
Can I wear a solitaire necklace with chandelier earings?

It’s for my wedding. My mom is having the diamond from her first wedding ring made into a necklace for me, and I’d like a simple solitaire so that i can wear it all the time… but stud earings would be too plain with my hair up and everything. Would it look funny is i were to wear big earrings?

My other option is to have the necklace made into a tiffany-style like this:
But, all the other stones would have to be CZ and then simple 3 stone drop earings (also CZ).

So… Should I go with simple on the necklace and get more extravagant earings?

Heres my dress:

And my hair is going to be up…
Maybe some earings like this?

Or these…

Since I am one of those people who likes to do “fashionable” things to suit myself and not others, I would say go ahead with the simple solitaire and wear chandelier earrings if you want. It sounds beautiful, and you will be more likely to wear the simple solitaire again for other occasions as well.

I did check out different settings, and the Bezel looked very nice, and more resilient too, which as a Mommy to 4 with another on the way, I can assure you, resiliency is important for anything that is special to you. I imagine something like your mother’s diamond would hold some sentiment for you.

The neckline and waist of your dress are well embellished and I think to over do the necklace might come off as a little gaudy, which I don’t think is your style considering the apparent elegant simplicity of the dress design (what I can see of it) and your taste in jewelry to go with it.

Keep in mind that diamonds and cubic zarconia have a different sparkle to them. It may be hard to “match” them “perfectly” anyway. If you can, try them on together to see which look and FEEL best to you. That is most likely the best way to know for sure if you can pull it off. If you aren’t comfortable with it, it probably won’t work, and studded earings could look just as nice with a pretty up-do.

I hope this helps you.

Solitaire Diamond Necklace
Solitaire Diamond Necklace
Solitaire Diamond Necklace

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