Solitaire Diamond Wedding

Solitaire Diamond Wedding
A diamond solitaire wedding ring, is it OK?

Is there anything wrong by getting a “diamond solitaire” wedding ring?
I want something more fancy for my wedding ring,as my engagement ring is just a plain ring. I’m not planning to wear a matching engagement/wedding ring set. Can I just get a diamond solitaire wedding ring?

A friend told me that by wearing a diamond solitaire ring, people would think that I’m engaged and never married. A diamond solitaire ring is for engagement, but not wedding. Is that true?

Usually the engagement ring is the fancier of the two, but you can have whatever ring you like.

What’s wrong with people thinking you’re engaged? Either way, you’re already taken! :) If they ask to see your engagement ring, you can politely correct them and say it’s your wedding ring.

Also, you don’t have to buy the engagement ring and wedding ring in a set. Any two rings can be joined together, and even if they’re different colors (e.g., one yellow or rose gold, and the other white gold), two-tone rings are pretty popular these days.

If you go to a good jeweler that has its own goldsmiths, you might be surprised what they can do to mate the original engagement ring with your solitaire wedding ring and make them match. Even if you decide you want something fancier than the engagement ring, you could have the jeweler melt down the original engagement ring and make a custom-designed wrap or ring to go with your wedding solitaire.

Solitaire Diamond Wedding
Solitaire Diamond Wedding
Solitaire Diamond Wedding

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