Sparkle Beads

Sparkle Beads

The advent of beads in jewelry-making has brought about nothing short of a revolution. No fashionable trinket is complete these days without some beads stitched on. To satisfy the growing demand, beads come in a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and motifs.

If you are thinking of making your own beaded jewelry and are wondering where to start, here is a guide to some of todayÂ’s most popular types of beads:

  • Seed beads: Tiny beads capable of producing a detailed and fine design.
  • Metal beads: Sterling silver, gold, platinum or bronze-plated beads are best for lending a metallic shimmer to bead jewelry. Brass and nickel beads can also add brilliance to any jewelry item. If you want to try something wild, experiment with pewter bead ornaments which mainly display animal, skull and flower motifs.
  • Cut beads: They are bigger sized beads, which can only be sewed on using a sinew.
  • Crow or pony: Similar to seed beads, but larger in size.
  • Charlotte: Opaque, round, true-cut beads with fewer facets. They are extremely rare in the market.
  • Bugle beads: Small tubular beads, used for a variety of decorations.
  • Plastic beads: Inexpensive alternatives to glass beads.
  • Glass and crystal beads: Crystal beads lend more dazzle and sparkle to your jewelry than any other beads, and crystal beads are highly cherished. The major name in this segment, boasting the finest cut and purity, is Swarovski crystal beads. A Swarovski crystal can be a good facelift for any traditional jewelry. But if you donÂ’t mind compromising on quality you can go for glass crystals, which are less expensive. Both glass crystal beads come in a spectrum of colors like turquoise, pink, cobalt, black, green etc.
  • Bone beads: Meant for fashion lovers with ethnic and tribal tastes. These beads are made from bones of mammals and birds etc to reflect a tribal affinity.
  • Clay beads: Though called clay beads, they are not solely made from clay. Clay beads originate from a combination of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a color pigment and a product that gives it a plastic-like texture. Bead jewelry made of clay beads reflects a special earth tone, which is best suited for summer or fall designs. Moreover, clay beads are usually not in the hefty prices category and are affordable to the general crowd.

Given such variety, are you surprised that beads have become the most innovative forms of expression for a whole bunch of creative souls?

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Sparkle Beads
Sparkle Beads
Sparkle Beads

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