Sparkle Crystal

Sparkle Crystal

People who adore crystals enjoy handling it. However, they need to be extremely careful in the care of crystals to maintain their sparkle. If you have a crystal chandelier at home, these 12 tips will help you maintain the luster in your crystal pieces. Be sure to utilize these tips so you can be guaranteed with a lighting fixture that will last through time.

A crystal chandelier can be very relaxing because of the sparkle they create in your walls, ceilings, and furniture. However, the glitter can easily fade away because of the layers of dust that accumulates in the crystal pieces. Frequently touching the crystals may also tarnish the lighting fixture. To help prevent this from happening in your chandeliers, use the 12 tips listed below.

1. Observe your chandelier from time to time. You’ll know when to do the cleaning by simply observing.

2. Use an antistatic brush to dust off your lighting fixture.

3. Keep the crystal pendants away from each other when dusting. If the crystals accidentally bump into each other, it can create cracks that can destroy the luster of the lighting fixture.

4. Handle the crystals using cotton gloves. If you plan to clean the lighting fixture without disassembling it, be sure to spray a cleaning solution to one of the gloves before wiping the crystals piece by piece. The other cotton glove should be used for wiping the crystals dry.

5. Packaged cleaning solutions are definitely not advisable. They may contain ammonia that can only degrade the frame finish. Today, there are crystal chandelier manufacturers which offer their own cleaning solutions. They are more reliable than the ones sold in groceries because the products have been tested and proven to work on crystals.

6. If you own an old-style lighting fixture, detach the crystal pieces first before cleaning. The crystals should be hand-washed in lukewarm water with soap suds. The crystals are then rinsed with clean water and air-dried afterwards.

7. Draw a diagram that shows the anatomy of the crystal chandelier pieces. This is important for you to return the crystals at their proper places.

8. Don your white gloves when attaching the crystal pieces back to the lighting fixture. This helps retain the glitter of crystals by not directly touching them with your fingertips.

9. Wet crystals should not be hanged back on the lighting fixture. The metal parts may fade if this is tolerated.

10. Avoid rotating or twirling your crystal chandelier. Simply move your ladder around the lighting fixture and clean in sections.

11. If you plan to handle the crystals, be sure to wear your white gloves at all times.

12. Always remember that a crystal chandelier is composed of fragile and delicate material. It is therefore important to handle it with utmost care.

Vanessa A. Doctor from Golden Age USA – Crystal Chandelier

Sparkle Crystal
Sparkle Crystal
Sparkle Crystal

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