Star Crystal Earrings

Star Crystal Earrings
On paper mario 2 how do you solve the mysteries on the train to the 6th crystal star?

i already solved the soup pot mystery.please give a list of the mysteries and how to solve them.i am trying to do the missing blanket,the missing earrings,and the missing gold ring.please tell how to do the things exactly please.thank you.

This is after the pot mystery.

“Find the pot and the detective will enter the room and force a confession. He then tells Mario to meet him in room 006 in order to discuss the threatening note from earlier. Return the pot to the chef to receive a star piece. Walk to room 006 and Pennington the Penguin Detective will take Mario on as an assistant. Mario’s first task is to interrogate the Ba-bomb family in room 008. The son wants a specific present for his birthday that Mario must find. Also, speak to the waitress in the dining cart to help her find her shell earings, and speak to the lovely mushroom in room 002 to help her find her jewelry.

Walk to front of the train so speak to the engineer and get his autograph for the young Ba-bomb. Give the boy the autograph and he will reward Mario with a shine sprite. Talk the conductor to the left of the room again and he will tell Mario that he believes there’s a stowaway on the train. Agree to help him find this person. Walk to room 005 and speak to the chubby mushroom. He has heard noises in room 004 and asks Mario to check it out. Have Vivian drag Mario into the shadows and a ghost will materialize in the room. This ghost has the missing blanket, but before he will hand it over he wants Mario to get his diary from the baggage car.

Walk back to the conductor who will let Mario into the adjoining baggage car. Turn Mario sideways and walk between the food crates to find the diary. Do not read the diary or Mario will be cursed and the game will end. Return the diary to the ghost in room 004 and he will give Mario the blanket that can be brought back to the conductor. Mario decides to turn in for the evening and another day begins.

Check room 006 to find Pennington talking to the hamster. It seems that his briefcase stolen which contains a prototype honey that when mixed with gold and shell causes a huge explosion. Since the other ingredients have already been stolen from other passengers it is of the utmost importance that Mario find the thief immediately. Search room 001 to find some vital papers. Return them to the detective and he will advise Mario to find Zip Toad.

Return to Zip Toad’s room and there will be another piece of paper on the floor. Have Vivian drag Mario into the shadows and Zip Toad will pop out from behind the couch on the far wall. The detective apprehends the thief and his plot is foiled just as the train pulls into Riverside. As Zip Toad is brought outside the train he reveals himself to be Doopliss the evil ghost and takes off. Have Mario speak to the rich woman and she will give him 30 coins as a reward for finding her ring. Then speak to the waitress in the dining hall and she will give Mario a star piece for returning her earrings.”

Star Crystal Earrings
Star Crystal Earrings
Star Crystal Earrings

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