Star Swarovski Crystal

Star Swarovski Crystal

Definitely, no one can deny the beauty and charm of crystal chandeliers.

Since the 17th century, these amazing pieces have been delighted us and until now.

Nowadays, there are heaps of different types of crystal chandeliers. One of the crystal chandeliers that stand out is the Strass crystal. Strass crystal is manufactured by Swarovski. It is actually recognized as the worldÂ’s finest crystal.

This crystal is first machine cut, next hand polished and soon be coated with an unseen optical layer, which will create an astonishing effect. Actually, these Swarovski crystals are the ones to be used every year in the design of the excellent Swarovski Crystal Palace Collections. These astonishing crystal chandelier designs was first introduced last 2002, and the latest presentation happened in April 2006.

Now, let us see some of the astonishing crystal chandelier designs that have been here for years.

In 2006, fashion designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke designed a chandelier the ‘Science and Fiction’. The chandelier’s shape was based on the Marie-Therese design, which was known with the 18th century Empress of Austria. Ornate candle arms is what the Marie-Therese chandelier was noted for, and now, the ‘Science and Fiction’ has paid respect with this old standard. The chandelier has 111 crystals and 32 lit black candles, which makes it an amazing one.

Ferrucio Laviani, a contemporary designer, has shown an astounding chandelier in 2005 which was called ‘Yoga’. Yoga has 100 crystals with different pastel shades and together with this was a beautiful gold frame. Yoga’s shape is like a children’s top. It is lit with halogens, which cast off a mild and calm glow of colors.

‘Mediterraneo’ is another beautiful chandelier which was introduced by Gaetano Pesce. The chandelier was made up with 140 crystals stands and each consists of 87 Swarovski crystals which are lit by LED. Actually, this is truly a excellent and magnificent crystal design. It even emits calming and relaxing smell and it also changes shape which is appealing to the viewers.

‘Vertigo’ is a chandelier which was designed by Chris Levine. This chandelier is like the old traditional chandelier that you can see in ballrooms. But the advantage of Vertigo is that it is lit with laser lights all through the rows of crystals. And it end up being a stunning chandelier.

‘Run of the mill’ chandeliers are now the thing of the past. Since designers nowadays are keep on experimenting and creating with the artistic beauty of crystals. They are now heaps of stunning and excellent designs of crystal chandeliers. It actually makes a lot of people discover the beauty and charm that can be seen in crystal chandeliers.

Certainly, lot of people believes that crystal chandeliers can make their homes more appealing and will add beauty to their furniture and fixtures. It certainly adds impact to the ambience of a room. And there are heaps of designs of crystal chandeliers; all you have to do is choose the best that will fit to the design of your home.

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Star Swarovski Crystal
Star Swarovski Crystal
Star Swarovski Crystal

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