Sterling Silver Diamond

Sterling Silver Diamond

Silver jewelry is simple but yet beautiful and has been worn for many years by all different types of people. What makes it even more attractive to all kinds is the fact that you can obtain exquisite pieces of silver jewelry at a fraction of the cost of it’s golden counterpart. When comparing the price of silver jewelry to that of white gold that almost looks the same, it is found that the price of silver are about an quarter of the price you will pay for white gold.

It should also be pointed out that silver jewelry is easier to wear casually as well. Silver also has a tendency to enhance almost any skin tone. Although silver jewelry does not have the durability of stainless steel jewelry, it is still strong and durable enough for the purpose it needs to serve.


Its durability comes from the addition of copper. Not too much copper is added to the alloy. Only enough is added to enhance the strength of silver in order to produce durable jewelry.


The principal concern when shopping for silver jewelry is to certain of the quality of silver piece you are buying. Because silver is a particularly pliable metal, alloys are added to harden and strengthen the silver. The minimum concentration of silver required in silver jewelry in order to be regarded as true sterling silver is 92.5%. Silver used for coins, consist a 90% silver concentration, while any base metal that is plated with a thin layer of silver is regarded as plated silver and not pure silver. When buying silver, marks such as “sterling”, “sterling silver”, “ster” or “925″ imprinted on the jewelry itself indicate the purity thereof.

What is Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is soft, too soft to create durable jewelry, so it’s mixed with other metals to enhance performance. One popular silver mixture (also called as an alloy) is known as Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Markings and Descriptions

The FTC (US Trade Commission) demands that all sterling jewelry sold in the United States can only be marked with silver markings or be presented as “silver”, “solid silver”, “sterling silver”, “sterling” or with the abbreviation “Ster”, if it hold at least 92.5% pure silver. The minimum silver content can also be stated as 925 parts per thousand of pure silver, so you might see the figures 925 or 92.5 used to designate silver content.

What to consider when buying Silver Jewelry?

Earrings is a good place to start when buying sterling jewelry. Silver earrings are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit many different occasions. Hanging silver and cubic zirconium (cz) earrings may be perfect for a more formal type of occasion, while silver hoops or even studs may be a better choice for wearing at the office. Necklaces are good pieces to consider when buying sterling jewelry, as there is sure to be a type of silver necklace to go with every outfit. For example, a silver dog tag pendant on a leather cord may be great with jeans and casual wear, while a silver and cz (cubic zirconium) pendant on a silver chain can look very elegant with formal wear like an evening dress. The length of a necklace is an key concern when buying your silver jewelry. Choker length necklaces looks better when wore with a blouse, and longer silver chains goes better with low-cut necklines.

Bracelets are also popular options when buying sterlingjewelry and just as unique in their diversity. You can obtain silver bracelets from being wide cuffs to thin, unpretentious linked silver chains. When looking for a timeless classic gift for a special person, then an engraved silver identity bracelet will be an excellent choice.

Sarah Carnagie is a silver jewelry lover, and’s head of quality assurance for STERLING SILVER JEWELRY You can find more info on sterling silver and sterling silver jewelry at

Sterling Silver Diamond
Sterling Silver Diamond
Sterling Silver Diamond

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