Stone Marquise Diamond

Stone Marquise Diamond
Need to restore a Diamond Ring. Help?

Just bought a second-hand ring on ebay, I want it to look brand-new before gifting it… Its a diamond ring 1.25 carat 5 stone marquise, would also like the stones polished and what-not.

What will all this cost me?
Where can it be done?
How long might it take?

Its white gold by the way

When you say stones polished, are you referring to the surface of the diamonds themselves? If so, that’s going to cost you, and it will take some additional time, not to mention you may lose some carat weight.
If you just mean you want the ring cleaned, and scratches removed from the band, then any bench jeweler can do that for a pretty nominal fee. Depending on your location, anywhere from “free” to $50 for cleaning and polishing, might even get them to check your prongs and such. If the ring needs any prong-work done, you’d be looking at anywhere from $25-$100 per prong, depending on the mounting itself, and exactly what kind and how much work needs to be done.
Take it to your local independent jeweler – any reputable jeweler will give you an estimate for repairs at no charge. Allow 2-7 days for estimate, another 3-7 for repair work; could be faster, depending on the work that needs to be done, and the business of the jeweler. Remember that working with precious metals is neither quick nor easy.
Good Luck!

Stone Marquise Diamond
Stone Marquise Diamond
Stone Marquise Diamond

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