Strass Crystal American

Whether you are remodeling or building new; whether youÂ’re a homebuilder, interior decorator, or designer, the crystal chandelier has always been the focal point of the look of a room. One of the most exciting lines of crystal lighting is manufactured by Nulco Lighting, which for years, has been synonymous with quality and timeless beauty.

This manufacturer has been a preeminent American leader in home lighting for over 60 years; a four generation lighting producer providing a vast array of designs and coordinating collections from traditional to modern. The Opera Starburst and Sonata chandeliers are two exquisite and popular designs that we sell.

The Opera Starburst crystal chandelier offers the rich tradition and stunning beauty which has adorned New York’s Metropolitan Opera since its debut in 1964. While the original Met chandeliers were gifts from the Austrian government, these breathtaking reproductions offer the timeless beauty combined with the highest quality workmanship, materials and crystal. The Opera Starburst is available for most budgets. The body width options for the Opera Starburst are available in 36″, 47″, 60″ and the grand 72″.

While the most prominent feature of this crystal chandelier is the stunning design, a feature not to be overlooked is the superior quality of crystal. The Opera Starburst crystal choices offered are fully polished 30% lead crystal or the Strass crystal. The Strass Swarovski crystal is the more expensive of the two choices that has a lead content exceeding 30% and is the highest quality, premium machine-cut, fully polished prisms you can expect. Strass crystal is optically pure and the light reflection is simply spectacular. As an added feature, the Strass crystal actually has an invisible coating which repels dust!

The Sonata chandelier is a spectacular, more modern, spellbinding display of premier designer expertise. Each 30% fully polished lead crystal prism, appears effortlessly suspended with virtually invisible support. As if raindrops stopped in time, the Sonata makes a mesmerizing, yet distinctively bold statement in any home or business. The Sonata round chandelier is available in six sizes, from the smaller 16′W x 40″H 5 lamp, to the spectacular 36″W x 120″H 21 lamp.

The round chandelier is just the beginning of this collection. This collection includes numerous shapes and sizes including oval, rectangle, mini round/mini square, wall sconce, arc & rainbow and custom designs. The custom designs include a crystal “Cross” which is suitable for churches, and a truly unique crystal “Dragon” which would make a spectacular lighting centerpiece for an Asian inspired decor. For those that prefer more color see the crystal multi-colored “Rainbow” piece. This Sonata fully polished, 30% lead crystal suspended and slowly spinning in space are the centerpieces of this remarkably distinctive pendant.

If you are in the market to illuminate your foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home or business, Inviting Lighting offers the best in quality for crystal pendants and chandeliers. You truly make an investment for a lifetime when you purchase our crystal fixtures.

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Strass Crystal American
Strass Crystal American
Strass Crystal American

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