Swarovski Citrine Crystal

Swarovski Citrine Crystal

Before looking at how to pick a thoughtful gift– what exactly is it? And which qualities separate it from the though-less gift?

The thoughtful gift shows that the gift-giver has a connection with you, that they know certain things about you: that they care about you. The thoughtful gift makes you feel special.

When giving gifts to a loved one, but most especially your partner in life, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show that you care.

So now the question is, how to pick thoughtful gifts for your wife?

Step 1: Do Your Research

This first step is all about getting some raw data together so you can make informed choices when shopping for gifts. In the next step I’ll show you how to link this data up with amazing gift ideas, but for now here are a selection of great questions to get started with:

* Favorite food

* Favorite color

* Favorite flower

* Month she was born in

Step 2: The Gift Ideas

Now with the answers to those very simple questions you can generate a large amount of ideas that will make thoughtful presents specific to your wife.

To show you how it works, here are some examples for the questions given above.

Favorite food gift ideas

Depending on the answers you can get a lot of great ideas. Examples:

* Take her to a fancy restaurant specializing in that food. (Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, this list is endless)

* Have a gift basket prepared with luxury items e.g. from a deli or specialist food store. (Italian, French, Cakes, Candies, Food intolerance issues, health foods)

* Prepare a picnic including some of her favorites– don’t forget a blanket and other picnic essentials.

Favorite color gift ideas

This doesn’t have any automatic gift ideas associated with it, but it’s extremely useful when picking something from a selection of color ways.

Favorite flower gift ideas

* Easy– buy her flowers! Have a florist make a posy up with her favorite flowers or her favorite colors.

* Handmade gifts make very special presents so I very often go to Etsy which is like eBay but specialises in handmade goods.

Birth Month gift ideas

Take a look at this Traditional Birthstones by month list:

January: garnet

February: amethyst

March: bloodstone, jasper

April: diamond, sapphire

May: emerald, agate

June: alexandrite, emerald

July: ruby, onyx

August: sardonyx, carnelian

September: sapphire, peridot

October: tourmaline, aquamarine

November: citrine, topaz

December: zircon, ruby

Now read off which stone(s) correspond(s) to your wife. Fabulous! You have just opened up a whole new area of thoughtful presents.

Jewelry is the obviously option and even if it’s diamond then know that there a number of cheaper alternatives such as rock quartz– still a natural stone made by Mother Nature but at a fraction of the cost.

Plus Swarovski make beautiful crystal in most of the gemstone colors which is another option.

Shopping– you can visit traditional jewelry stores or type in a search to Google like “aquamarine necklace”. 

Tip on buying Jewelry:

Make sure you know if she has a preference for yellow gold or not. Some women don’t mind, but others can’t stand it and yet others will only wear yellow gold, it’s best to find out and keep it in mind when purchasing.

Step 3: Giving the Gift

Finally, when presenting the gift be sure to mention why you chose that for her, specifically. E.g. Tell her it’s because you knew sunflowers were her favourite flower, or because emerald is her birthstone and her eyes are green.

Adding such little details about the gift transforms it into more than just a gift, it then becomes a “thoughtful gift” because you cared enough to know these little details and found a gift that made her feel special.

Copyright Michelle Gillman. For more great wife gift ideas and free articles go to http://WifeGiftIdeas.com/.

Swarovski Citrine Crystal
Swarovski Citrine Crystal
Swarovski Citrine Crystal

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