Swarovski Crystal Bali

Swarovski Crystal Bali

The birth of a baby is the oldest of miracles and requires all the patience, wisdom and love of the mother. No matter the need, mother’s hands are always there to feed, bathe, clothe, and gentle the newborn to sleep. Hands that both protect and sooth deserve to be adorned with precious metals, whimsical designs, and elegantly personalized mother jewelry. For a symbol of love and to express the depth of your emotions for this beautiful woman who has dedicated her life in service to a newborn child, jewelry designers have created works of art in celebration of motherhood.

For a new mother, jewelry is a classic symbol of appreciation and recognition of her strength and extraordinary courage. Mothers bracelets enhance the power and elegance of the arms that carry the child and are a popular gift for all seasons. It is important to choose mothers bracelets that reflect her personality and integrate with her daily flow of activity so that she will actually wear them.

Matching Bracelet Sets 

A classic design that always wins especially for the new mother is the matching mother/child bracelet set. These come in hand made sterling silver cuffs created by Mary Ann. Mothers bracelet is engraved with baby’s first and middle name on the outside and baby’s birth date, length, and weight on the inside.  Baby’s bracelet is inscribed with the first name and the middle name if sufficient room. There is also an exquisite creation of delicate pink freshwater pearls and smooth sterling silver alphabet beads spelling the name of the newborn and Mom. Mom’s has an additional silver hand crafted heart charm.

Crystal Mothers Bracelets 

These bracelets are stunning. Hand created with Swarovski crystal, they can also be personalized with the name of your baby. Double stranded, these beautiful bracelets are the perfect compliment for the new mother. Clear crystal with hints of turquoise, accented with Bali silver beads, and personalized with silver block letters, this bracelet will easily coordinate with mother’s wardrobe and is also available in Swarovski Indian Sapphire.

The simple elegance of mother jewelry is exemplified in single stranded bracelets with silver heart clasps. The elegance of classic fresh water pearls highlighted with clear or rose Swarovski crystal and personalized with silver block letter beads is a simply elegant way of saying “Thank You”. For a sumptuous design that will elicit a gasp of delight, opt for a Mother’s Gold Bracelet hand crafted with richly glowing champagne colored freshwater pearls, golden Swarovski crystals, 14kt gold beads accented with gold vermeil and sterling silver Bali beads also personalized with sterling silver block letters.

Fun and Fashionable Mother Jewelry

Light hearted and dramatic, these mothers bracelets are for the modern momma who has her own unique style. For a happy note, choose a fabulous eclectic mix of sterling silver, Swarovksi crystals, colorful lamp work beads, semi-precious stones, and personalized with sterling silver rounded alphabet beads.  For the very big heart, a fresh cranberry pink tourmaline “heart” stone bracelet with sterling silver bali and rounded alphabet beads, is designed to please.

Then, for the drama mother, fabulous wrist wraps that are totally one of a kind. These mothers bracelets signify the unmatchable beauty and grace of your leading lady. 5 strands, 3 of which are personalized with sterling silver block beads, are wrapped in a joyous assortment of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, and colorful glass beads surrounding the signature silver heart bead at the center.

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Swarovski Crystal Bali
Swarovski Crystal Bali
Swarovski Crystal Bali

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