Swarovski Crystal Bead

Swarovski Crystal Bead
Where is the best place for buying Swarovski crystal beads?

At my local store, 18 of 5301 Swarovski beads cost about $7, which is way too overpriced. Artbeads has recently increased their price (in fact, they do it all the time).

I want to purchase beads in quantities of 50, so can you recommend any online/eBay stores (or actual ones) that sell Swarovski crystal beads for cheap and often give quantity discounts? I’m looking for low prices as well as low postage to Canada.


I don’t know about low postage costs, but http://www.firemountaingems.com/ has good discounts, and now they have changed it to discounts on just about everything you order at one time instead of discounts on the type of product you order.

If you get lucky on ebay you will pay about $5US for 100 beads… I’m not sure about shipping though.

It seams like http://cosmic.ca/crystal/index.htm has cheap Swarovski, but they seam to deal with more bulk than anything else. (They are in Canada though)

Swarovski Crystal Bead
Swarovski Crystal Bead
Swarovski Crystal Bead

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