Swarovski Crystal Butterfly

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly

Every wedding needs that one special element or theme that will bring it all together. Sometimes that concept can be rather unexpected. One surprising wedding trend right now is to beautify your wedding with butterflies.

Butterflies are not just for little girls. They can be used in a way that is very elegant and all grown up. One of the things that makes them so appealing is their incredible array of colors. The fluttering feminine quality of the butterfly is another reason that they can make such a nice addition to your wedding.

Some couples also like to use the symbol of a butterfly to represent a loved one who has passed on. Every time that you see the symbol, it will be a special reminder that someone you were close with is also with you on your wedding day. It is up to you whether you share this with your guests, or keep it private just among the wedding party.

There are countless ways to incorporate butterflies into your wedding design. Since they are associated with flowers, that is a good place to start. A tight round bouquet with multi-colored flowers would be even more gorgeous with one or two butterflies adorning it. Look for butterflies that are made from either sheer fabric or feathers, with little clips that you can use to attach them to things.

The centerpieces are another wonderful place for a few butterflies to land. You can either use them as a surprise accent, by adding just a few to your floral displays, or make them a focal point. If you want to use a lot of butterflies, choose a simple form, such as a topiary, and cover it with an array of butterflies in different colors and sizes. Let them be the main attraction, instead of the flowers or greenery.

The wedding cake is another great place to use the butterfly motif. You can use more of the fabric ones, or have your baker create them out of gum paste. It would be just beautiful to have a cake with elaborate frosting flowers, and then to enhance it with graceful butterflies. What a romantic design that would be.

Butterflies can also adorn the bride herself. I have seen stunning bridal gowns that have pastel butterflies embroidered on the bodice or on the train. As long as they are done in a soft color palette, the effect can be subtle and sophisticated. Of course you would want to avoid anything that looked too childish.

For the bridesmaids, there are a few great ways to include them in the butterfly theme. Rather than going overboard with butterflies all over their dresses, choose more subtle accents. A single small butterfly clip in the hair of each attendant would be very pretty. Another idea is to forget about adorning the bridesmaids with a literal representation of a butterfly; instead bring out the luminous colors from your motif by giving them crystal bridesmaid jewelry. Swarovski crystal bridesmaid jewelry is available in every color of the rainbow, and so is the perfect way to bring your butterfly colors into your attendants’ ensembles.

The one type of butterfly to avoid using in your wedding is a live one. Although it looks beautiful to release a box of the fluttering creatures at the end of your ceremony, the sad truth is that they rarely survive very long. It is much better to use faux butterflies as a way to make this wonderful theme come to life.

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Swarovski Crystal Butterfly
Swarovski Crystal Butterfly
Swarovski Crystal Butterfly

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