Swarovski Crystal Chocolate

Swarovski Crystal Chocolate

Lisa Bennetts started OiOi Diaper Bags over 10 years ago, with one nappy sack, handmade, on the advent of her baby daughter’s arrival. As a designer for Swarovski International, she desired a bag that would accommodate the functionality requirements of a working mom as well as look good no matter where she happened to be on one of her busiest days. Now, OiOi Diaper Bags has over 40 designs and is located in 3 countries. Because she is a mother and loves to design beautiful bags to bring out the confidence in women, she equally enjoys creating baby bags that fathers are just as comfortable carrying. After all, Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe could be carrying one of her designs right now.

Chocolate Herringbone Messenger: Style

Chocolate conjures up so many pleasant memories that really, it doesn’t need a style. Straight forward chocolate – I visited my first chocolate café in Australia and the loamy richness warmed me straight down to my toes. That type of honesty is integral to all OiOi Diaper Bags designs and is simply more evident in the Chocolate Herringbone Messenger. Russell would be very happy to carry this handsome unisex bag that is lined in mint nylon for a yummy bag that appeals to both Mom and Dad. The adjustable shoulder strap makes sure that comfort comes first because a happy mommy and daddy makes a happy baby. Quiet, understated quality, the Chocolate Herringbone Messenger can accompany mother and father with dignity to any of their events.

OiOi Diaper Bags: Functionality

Lisa Bennetts gets a gold star for her insistence on quality and love of functional luxury. Don’t let the quiet chocolate demeanor belie the true nature of this bag. The Chocolate Herringbone Messenger is a product of design genius. The simplicity of its shape is a result of putting together all the needs, wishes, and requirements of Mommies and Daddies who knew what they wanted but simply had not found it. Keeping baby’s bottles warm or cold has become more and more of a concern as babies accompany their working parents for longer periods of time. The insulated side pockets and the removable insulated bottle holder help parents keep baby well nourished throughout the day.

The magnetic snap closure makes it easy to access the changing pad, diapers, wipes, and wet purse all neatly stored in their own compartments, even if your hands are full. Lisa also has made sure that parents only need one bag to keep track of by giving them their own exterior pocket to store their wallet, keys, and cell phone. The Chocolate Herringbone Messenger measures 12″ high x 14″ wide x 5.5″ deep, ample room for additional snacks, soothers, plush toys, and a hat for baby in the strong summer sun.   

OiOi Diaper Bags: Versatility

The Chocolate Herringbone Messenger is not perhaps a sleek black corporate portfolio, but it is a day to day bag that can be shared by Mommy and Daddy even when passing the baby watch mid-day. Just remember to take your cell, keys, and wallet before handing off to your partner.

Cora Lee is the owner of BlissLiving, widely known for a huge selection of OiOi Diaper Bags including unique OiOi Diaper Bags, custom mother’s jewelry, designer diaper bags, and exclusive baby gifts. BlissLiving.com has been featured in US Weekly and People Magazine’s Celebrity Babies and Pregnancy Magazine, and has been listed as one of the highest rated sites by the Better Business Bureau, with A ratings, for five years in a row.

Swarovski Crystal Chocolate
Swarovski Crystal Chocolate
Swarovski Crystal Chocolate

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