Swarovski Crystal Clear

Swarovski Crystal Clear
Swarovski crystal figurine repair?

I have a collection of Swarovski crystal animal figurines. They are made up out of different sizes of crystal pieces. Over time and during cleaning and drying, a few of the pieces have become detached from the main body, i.e. an ear here or a paw there, you get the picture.
This crystal is very clear so I cannot simply take any kind of superglue and re-attach the lose parts.
Is there a proper way to fix this or is there someone out there who does this professionally? Some of my pieces are rather valuable and I don’t want to mess them up. The don’t do me any good in fragments though. Thanks for any suggestions.

Here is a couple of places that fix glass art



Forget “Super Glue”.
If you just can’t stand the expense for the professional job, then try the 5 minute epoxy. Its clear, it comes in two parts that you mix together and it works wonders. I first used it on a marble chess piece that one of the kids broke. I can’t even tell that it was ever broken and even stressed tested it to see if it would break, but it held strong. I have since used it on ceramics and various other materials successfully, but I never have used it on transparent objects.
I suggest that you break a worthless glass piece and try using the epoxy on it first. If it looks acceptable to you, then use it on the more valuable pieces. Don’t worry about the epoxy boogers that ooze out of the creaks when you press the pieces together. You can clean the epoxy boogers off with a razor blade another day. Just concentrate on getting each piece set together in exact alignment and then press for a few seconds. They will bond instantly and then you set the next piece and so on.
The name of the epoxy is “DEVCON” High Strength 5 minute epoxy. It comes in two syringes and you mix the two parts together. You must work fast or it will harden before you use it. I recommend using a very small amount at a time. you will be able to handle the pieces within 5 minutes after you bond them.
Put in your zip code on this site to find a DEVCON distributor near you


Swarovski Crystal Clear
Swarovski Crystal Clear
Swarovski Crystal Clear

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