Swarovski Crystal Cube

Swarovski Crystal Cube

Mid July and there is, for the first time a sense of seasonal change in evening air. Certain leaves are beginning to turn fresh inspiration for fashion designer

But don’t think doom and gloom, conversely its cause for celebration, when the autumn leaves start falling, new fashions will be blooming.

Near on September fresh styles will be hitting the decks of the high street stores and, the economy willing, shoppers will be out in droves.

The really good news is for men, finally there will be out of ordinary natural enough floral’s to choose from.

For the adventurous there are floral suits and some dandy hats, it’s the 70′s all over, a very productive decade for many of the arts, music, style innovation and architecture.

And to brighten up any grey autumn skies there will be plenty of men’s jewellery to dress up your outfit.

The line up is impressive, new designers eking out an existence along side the rich and famous, but regardless of your position in the industry hierarchy, the essence is in the flower (the product)

When a fashion designer thinks I’ve made, it will be the beginning of their decline. We’ve seen it happen to many, there is no immunity once the creative drive is consumed by power and revenue the end is nigh.

Ian Flaherty has been around a long time always worth a mention because of his Swarovski crystal cube cufflink, which has been mimicked by many other brands. But one has been able improve on the original.

Vivienne Westwood needs no introduction but her designs do, because they change with the season. The focus on improving the status men’s jewellery is working well. In her mid 60′s is at the peak of creativity.

A little taste: The Diamante Red Orb, for the passionate, the “Yes No Maybe” for the undecided, the “Touch Wood” for the superstitious and our favourite the multi coloured mini orb.

For the traditionalists there is the classic “To Fast To Too Young To Die” in skull and cross bones and large Army Tags.

She is not known greatly for gift wear, but there is one to mention, The Swiss Army Knife, complete with skull and cross bones fully authenticated with Vivienne Westwood’s signature on the back.

Now it’s time to paddle our on drum. As a virtually unknown designer brand we’ve introduced a range of silk ties that challenge conservatism, but also conform through using floral’s and more traditional stripes and checks.

But coming in September the range increases mainly in the direction of floral, why? because of compliance to consumer demand.

For us, being unknown is not a weakness, it’s a challenge and an opportunity to work in coalition with brands such as Timothy Everest, Ian Flaherty, Veritas, Vivienne Westwood Our role is increasing awareness of their collections via the internet.

Like any industry, you can’t go it alone and expect to succeed. As an independent retailer we acknowledge the importance of interdependency.

We are influenced by other designers, but also draw inspiration from the natural environment that surrounds us and culminate with a little history.

One last thing; collar stiffeners, if you’re frustrated with collars turning under at the end, or bulging in the middle? Then a pair of London Badge and Button collar stiffeners will solve both problems.

They will also perform the function of holding your tie knot firmly in place all day. Because Lbb use resin you don’t to worry about them coming out of the wash if you forget.

If you would like to learn some interesting historic anecdotes about the evolution of style and fashion follow this link http://patrickmcmurraysfashionaccessories.blogspot.com if you would like to see some stunning silk ties, cufflinks, belts and wallets, follow this link http://www.patrickmcmurray.com

Swarovski Crystal Cube
Swarovski Crystal Cube
Swarovski Crystal Cube

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