Swarovski Crystal Disco

Swarovski Crystal Disco

A wedding reception is a great time to let loose after the more solemn ceremony. The pressure of getting your vows right is over, you are officially married, and now it is time to party! Many couples feel that the wedding reception should reflect the way that they live, and not be stuffy or sedate. The idea is to have a great bash, and dance the night away with friends.

Setting aside a section of the reception venue to be a cool disco lounge is a huge trend. Couples often like to have a traditional band for their first dance and the early part of the reception. Then, as the night goes on, the young people migrate to the “lounge” area, complete with a d.j. and mirrored balls on the ceiling.

The lounge area should have a flavor that is distinct from the more formal reception area. Comfy chairs and sofas are a must, and look great in bold colors. Lighting should be dim, like you would find in a dance club. Of course, the bride will want to use some of the same personalized touches as she did in the rest of the venue to tie her theme together. And don’t forget the monogrammed cocktail napkins!

The traditional gown that the bride wore at the church just won’t do for dancing ’til dawn in her own personal disco lounge. That is why many brides choose a second dress that is a little sexier and a lot easier to move in. You will also want custom bridal jewelry to complete the transformation from demure bride to fab party girl. A really great idea would be to have a suite of custom bridal jewelry made with pieces that you can mix and match. For instance, the bride might wear pearls with a few Swarovski crystal accents for her ceremony. Then when she changes into her second gown, she can change out the earrings for handmade long crystal drops, and layer on a few more bracelets for a fun and sparkly look.

The finishing touch to a late night of dancing is to bring out a second round of desserts. Serve the wedding cake in the usual way at the reception, then have passed trays of desserts brought around in the wee hours of the morning. Your friends who have stayed at the party all night will love it, and it is the perfect ending to an incredible wedding reception.

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Swarovski Crystal Disco
Swarovski Crystal Disco
Swarovski Crystal Disco

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