Swarovski Crystal Floral

Swarovski Crystal Floral

The all-white wedding had long been a tradition in our culture. White gown, white flowers, white candles – you get the picture. Often the only color was seen in the bridesmaid dresses, and even then, it was a solid pastel. Times have changed, and brides want their wedding to be unique, not cookie-cutter. A great way to liven up your wedding is by being bold with patterns, such as stripes, florals, and plaids.

Different types of patterns will convey different feelings. Stripes are always a fresh and crisp look. They can be subtle, like a chalk stripe, bold like an awning stripe, or playful like an irregular stripe. Color can really change the impact of a pattern. Stripes can be masculine in navy and gold, girly in pink and ivory, or beachy in bright shades of ocean blue, grass green, and sunshine yellow.

You can use a stripe to make a big splash by selecting a striped tent for your reception. Or choose a solid colored tent, but perk up the space with striped chair covers. For contrast, play off the lines of the stripes with big round flowers on the tables. Hydrangea, garden roses, or peonies would all be fantastic choices.

Stripes can also be incorporated into the wedding attire. The groom and his attendants could all wear pinstripes, or solid suits with diagonally striped ties. Another idea is to select striped bridesmaid dresses. Think carefully about the figures of your attendants before choosing a horizontal stripe. To tie the look together, give your girls bridesmaid jewelry sets that pull out one of the colors from the pattern. A great way to do this is with handmade Swarovski crystal wedding jewelry, because you can have it created in any color of the rainbow.

Unlike stripes, florals are decidedly feminine. But they can still be quite different from one another. A soft faded rose floral is very different than a bold tropical print, and each has their place. A big, fun tropical floral would be terrific for bridesmaid dresses at a beach wedding. A very petite floral or sprig design would make charming table linens for an afternoon wedding (they would work equally well at a bridal shower). Emphasize your theme by duplicating one of the flowers from your print on your wedding invitations. A small floral element would be perfect to have done in letterpress on the top of the invitations; a larger graphic could be faded and used as a background for the type.

Plaids are another great design idea for your wedding. The most obvious use would be for a Scottish groom to wear a tartan kilt. But even if your family hails from a different part of the world, you can still incorporate plaid into your big day. Set the tone for a country wedding with a classic red and white picnic check on your tables. Another idea is to use a cheerful pink and green Madras for a casual summer wedding. Plaids can also be elegant – picture a silk taffeta with a gold-on-gold check.

The boldness of plaids would really make the wedding party pop. For a winter wedding, consider red tartan ballskirts with black or white tops on the bridesmaids. With such a statement-making outfit, stick with classic pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets. If a big plaid skirt is a bit much for you, use smaller doses of the pattern as an accent. Plaid dress sashes or ties on the men would be a great look.

There is nothing to say that the bride cannot use a bit of pattern on her wedding gown. One of the most beautiful dresses that I have ever seen was a full-skirted strapless seersucker gown in pale blue and white stripes. A tartan sash would also be fabulous on the bride. Another idea would be to use a fabric such as an organza embroidered with a small floral design in white on white. It is simple but stunning.

Have fun with your wedding! Don’t feel boxed in by what has always been done. You cannot go wrong by adding a little personal style to your wedding, and using stripes, florals, or plaids is a great way to do it.

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Swarovski Crystal Floral
Swarovski Crystal Floral
Swarovski Crystal Floral

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