Swarovski Crystal Glass

Swarovski Crystal Glass
Do swarovski hot fix crystals stick on glass?

In short, the answer is NO. If you are interested in the details, continue below:

According to Swarovski, the carrier material must be able to absorb the glue. To test for hot-fix compatibility:

Water Drop Test
The optimum bond can only be achieved if the carrier material can absorb the glue. A simple water drop test will indicate whether or not the fabric has this attribute. If the fabric has e.g. a waterproofing finish, it will not absorb drops of water or glue.

With textiles that contain a large quantity of softening agents, adhesion can be improved by washing the original materials before the application process.

Very fine fabrics such as organza, as well as smooth leather, smooth leather imitations, tightly woven polyamides and fabrics with a silicone or wax finish may not be suitable for Hotfix application due to insufficient absorbency.

Glue Absorbance
To achieve maximum adhesion, the glue must be absorbed by the carrier material. A simple „water drop“ test will show whether a particular fabric has the necessary properties. If the original fabric has a finish, it will not absorb either the water or the glue.

Very thin fabrics, such as organza, and also smooth leather, smooth imitation leather, thick polyamide and fabrics with a silicone or wax coating may well be unsuitable because they cannot absorb the glue.

Swarovski Hot-fix flatback collection:


Swarovski non hot-fix flatback collection:


If you want to glue flatback on to glass, Swarovski recommend ONLY using non hot-fix flatback and their 2 parts epoxy resin glue:


Swarovski Crystal Glass
Swarovski Crystal Glass
Swarovski Crystal Glass

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