Swarovski Crystal Heart

Swarovski Crystal Heart
Where do I get a flat crystal heart pendent engraved? ?

I have a flat Swarovski crystal heart with faceted sides that I would like engraved with a name.
Where can i go to get that engraved?
. . . .
The only engraving places I know are metal engraving like “Things Remembered” but they don’t engrave crystal.
And when i google it online, it has A TON of places that already have crystal engraved but no place to do it.
. . .
If it makes a difference I like in Orange County Ca, so if it’s not an online place, it would have to be within this area.

Help! Any ideas?!

So wait, is it a pendant/necklace or a box or like, a paperweight?
If you check out the site below, shoot an email over with a picture of the item… Can probably help you better with a picture :)

Swarovski Crystal Heart
Swarovski Crystal Heart
Swarovski Crystal Heart

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